Wednesday 9 December 2009

Subtitled Les Miserables! Hurrah!

Phew, back to work after a very long weekend that was littered with culture... kinda!

Firstly, on Saturday, Fab Friend and I went to the theatre to see Les Miserables, to celebrate her birthday, which was in June.

The reason we had to wait until December to celebrate was because it was a subtitled performance!

Saturday saw us both bounding into town enthusiastically, so excited about seeing something subtitled.

Everywhere around us, people were signing, chatting and grinning with apprehension. And then it started...

and it was brilliant.

Although I've seen Les Mis at least seven times before, I've never seen it with subtitles, and I was amazed at what a difference it made to my understanding of the storyline.

I went from having a vague idea and loving the music, to having a much deeper level of knowledge about why things were happening.

It was amazing.

With Hairspray announcing that it's now offering hand-held captioning devices in London, hopefully it won't be too long before London, and indeed nationwide theatre is fully accessible for deaf people, I'd better start saving for that moment, because I'll be going every single day of the week!


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