Thursday 13 May 2010

I'm hearing in my dreams

Last year for my birthday, Fab Friend gave me a book called Teach Yourself to Meditate.

In the madness of the move to my new place, it got packed up into a box and then unpacked onto a bookshelf and until now, I haven't felt the urge to get it out.

Until yesterday that is.

You see recently I've kind of been feeling as though I'm on a super-fast roller coaster that I can't get off. This has led to some questionable decisions that haven't pleased me. Plus, I feel exhausted.

So last night I came home and read the introduction before heading out to dinner at Niknak and Country Boy 1's flat. And already I liked the direction it was heading in. The encouragement to slow your thoughts down can only be a good thing after all.

I'm feeling positive I can learn a lot from this book... and that doesn't mean I'm going to turn into some clich├ęd, chanting hippy – although I think that look could suit me! I'm just going to utilise the best part of my thought process, not the worst.

Anyway, this week I've been having ‘hearing’ dreams again. No interesting content to report other than the fact that I can hear things in the dreams that I can't normally hear. Things like a whispering in my ear, a group conversation in a noisy pub, and most incredibly, a cat meowing are all audible in my sleep.

Now the latter is what confuses me the most, as I don't think I've heard a cat meow for over 20 years, and even then I certainly don't remember what one sounds like. Although I'm guessing it goes something like meow!

It’s just odd that’s all – but it got me thinking, do blind people see in their dreams? Do hearing people not hear? And are stupid people clever? Something for you to ponder on, as I will be meditating!

3 comments: said...

I've read that some blind people do see in their dreams. They reported of seeing colors or things that they've never seen. It depends on how much and when they lost sight. I've also had dreams where I signed with hearing people who in real life don't know sign language. One instance was a dream of my own grandmother (who had passed away years ago in the '90s)communicating with me in ASL! Pretty freaky. I have very little hearing in both of my ears, but occasionally I do get a dream where I hear something. Most of the times it's either in sign language or telepathic or another language. You may want to see those links on blind people and dreams,

Miss Brodie said...

As a very young child I learnt to speak German before I spoke English. I subsequently forgot it but when I was re-introduced to the language as an adolescent I regularly dreamed that I was speaking it fluently. Even today, despite the influence of French, I still have a strong inexplicable affinity with the language. Our memories store things away in boxes and you only have to open the lid a little bit for things to pop out ... the downside of course is Pandora's version of the tale!

Lauren said...

I've had those dreams too!! I'm VERY deaf, but in my dreams, I hear perfect... it's so weird, but really cool. That's must be what it's like to be hearing.

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