Thursday 6 May 2010

O2 issues resolved

So, today I voted!

And it just goes to show what a little bit of last minute campaigning can do as well! I was teetering on the edge between two parties in my ward and this morning a leaflet dropped though my letterbox and answered my final concern.


But enough about that, as you know I don't really like talking about politics here.

Most importantly, it's time for an O2 update.

Well, all I can say is if you want something sorted, and can't use the phone, then contact the O2 Press Office on Twitter.

They sorted my SIM card issue for me before the day was out, and it's currently in the post!

Whoop! Bring on 3G!

But at the same time, another Twitter peep contacted me with a disability email address for O2 –!

Confused as to how, when I had repeatedly asked O2 if something like this existed, only to be sent a link to the Access-for-all page of the website, I wrote an email to the press office. No reply. But within the hour, I had an email from an O2 customer service peep confirming that, yes I could use this email to contact O2.

I am intrigued as to why it’s not obviously placed on the O2 website though – some text along the lines of, ‘If you are unable to use the phone, please email us on’ would surely suffice.

But honestly, it doesn’t matter now – I have my contact with O2 sorted, my SIM card is on the way, and I just received news that Cath Kidston does floral iPhone covers – everything is good in the world once more… until the election results come in, that is!

Happy voting.

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