Monday 10 May 2010

When train subtitles go wrong

Today's blog comes from the train on the way home from The Rents' house. I had a lovely weekend with them both – although they've both been quite ill recently, Ma with a chest infection, and Pa with pneumonia.

As a result we had a quiet weekend of chilling out, watching cheesy movies and catching up. It was perfick.

This morning though, my train almost gave me a heart attack! After a particularly speedy journey to the station, I was able to just make, by running, the earlier train. I didn't even bother to look at the details of the platform, I just jumped on the train waiting to leave and sat down.

And so it set off. Then, there was a tinny announcement on the tannoy that I couldn’t hear, so I read the subtitles scrolling on the screen and it welcomed me aboard a train going somewhere completely different!


I sat for a moment contemplating the situation and then decided to ask the guy next door me, who confirmed I was, thankfully on a London-bound train and the subtitles were in fact wrong!

Phew! I’ve never been so pleased in my life that subtitles were actually incorrect!


Anyway, I finally have 3G coverage on my iPhone! Awaiting me at The Rents' was new SIM card from O2, with no instructions whatsoever. It didn't work. So I decided to visit an O2 shop instead. There the staff were lovely and explained that the SIM card probably hadn't been set to my phone. They also did not disagree with my opinions of O2 online customer service and in 15 minutes flat had sorted my new SIM!

Utterly brilliant!

Now I know I have brilliant contacts at the press office, a disabilities email and helpful staff in O2 shops, I feel much more reassured that I will now get the service I am paying for…

Maybe it is easier being deaf after all!


Anadrol said...

Crazy! So much hurrying and than you sit on the wrong train!? I guess it would be pretty funny :P Anyway, I believe you really took a time to

Anonymous said...

Hi have u discovered wiki lyrics application, it subtitles all ur songs in iTunes, wahoooo :)

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