Monday 21 February 2011

When I'm in charge…

My iPhone, it seems, likes Mondays even less than me, as it keeps crashing when I attempt to write today's blog.

This week is going to be a busy one. The Boss is away skiing which means I'm the erm… Boss, so I get to make lots of decisions and stuff.

What fun?

Luckily I don't have the power aspirations of a dictator, which is just as well right now, because across the world, they don't seem to be doing very well at staying in charge.

I think I'd make a crap dictator to be honest, because I'd never know what was going on. My entire secret service could have conversations out of eyeshot and I'd be none the wiser of their forthcoming coup.

Worse still, I'm not good at confrontation, and if someone is more bossy than me, I usually bow out… but not always gracefully.

A democratic leader however, I think I could be, because when I listen to people, I really listen.

People wouldn't get promoted because I went to university with their second cousin's mother, they'd get promoted because the knew stuff.

What's more, I'd do my level best to make sure that the people who worked hard to save all their lives and made responsible choices with their money did not end up the worse off. I would set aside money to help those people who have never claimed benefits, had no debt because they chose not to buy the flat screen TV on credit but perhaps didn't choose the most salary-driven job, and I’d make sure their nursing home fees that could be paid without their equally diligent children having to sell their own houses to pay for it.

There would also be a penalty clause for people who chose not to plan for the future. If they were not willing to be responsible, then why should they be bailed out?

Yes, if I was in charge, I'd have ‘Manage Your Money Lessons’ put on the curriculum, ban store cards and limit credit purchases to one a year.

I’d also make the following things compulsory: regular subtitled film screenings, all TV programs and channels and DVDs to have subtitles, cheap broadband-only packages for deaf people where the incentive was NOT to have a phoneline, too, and finally a three-day weekend.

Monday would be banned, and as The Doll Says (@thedollsays) – one of my favourite Twitter peeps – tweeted yesterday, ‘Monday should be called Sunday, the Sequel.’
She’d definitely have a place in my Government. Go and check her out on Twitter and you’ll see just why…

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Anonymous said...

I'll live in your country!

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