Monday 13 June 2011

When I had a hearing cat…

Hello on this rather grey Monday. This week looks set to be a busy one at work, a fun one at play and a lunch-hour-filled one of being yelled at by a very over-zealous spinning instructor.

Last week, three people walked out of her class in the first 10 minutes. I stuck it out and even when she was yelling, MORE, MORE! and YOURE NOT TRYING! at the top of her voice and my little legs could barely turn the bike peddles, I kept thinking, No pain, no gain.

The following morning it was actually be case of Lots of pain, cant walk! but hey ho, it is actually quite good fun, once you get past the lungs-feeling-like-theyre-going-to-explode warm-up.

Anyway, Deafinitely Girly has something shed like to share with you. After speaking to someone at Drama Queens wedding who works with assistance dogs, I have decided I would very much like a hearing dog.

So today I went online and checked all the criteria and I meet it – the guy at the wedding also confirmed that he thought I would – so I then had a look at how to apply.

So popular is Hearing Dogs for the Deaf that it is not taking new applications until 2012 and theres a five-year wait for a dog


That seems like an awful long time, and it made me think, if they had more money, would the waiting list get shorter?

If thats the case, then its time for DG to do some fundraising. Im not sure what Im going to do yet – a sponsored run? Eek! A bake sale? Yum! A sponsored silence? Hahahahahaha ahem

Well, there are endless possibilities! And lovely reader peeps, I urge you to think of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as a charity when you next want to raise money. Youve only got to look at the website to see the amazing difference these wonderful dogs make to the lives of so many people.

I already know what its like to have an animal who alerts you to things. When I was growing up and growing deaf, I had a cat called Toddy – he was the kitten of our other cat so I had known him since he was a wriggling ball of eye-closed fur and he was all mine.

He used to sleep on my bed every night and spend most of his indoor time in my bedroom, too. I once spent a whole afternoon trying to get him to speak and another time, I showed him flashcards to see if he could learn to read.

Unsurprisingly, he could do neither

But what he could do was alert me to high-pitched sounds that happened in the house when I was at home. This was probably because he didnt like them, but nevertheless, wherever I was in the house, if there was a high-pitched noise, Toddy would come and find me and bug me until I stopped it.

This worked for our whistling kettle, telephone, smoke alarm, and violin except I was the one playing the violin and as a result I had a flouncing cat huffing at my feet whenever I practised and, seeing as I was going deafer at this point, I really cant blame him for wanting me to shut up.

Now, I have my neighbour to alert me to any noises in my flat – she too flounces around in a catty manner, although its not nearly as endearing.

But until I get myself a hearing dog, I guess she will just have to do


Anonymous said...

Your blog cracks me up everytime! LOL
Your experiences are so similar to mine its as if we r living in parallel worlds (think "Fringe")! But you do it far more justice than i would in the way you write about it. I like your hilarious perspective to it all. Well done!
(PS - do you have a Twitter handle? I'd like my hearing pals to read your blog! Oh and what was it like getting your first car? I'm getting mine this week! Can you blog about your experience? lol)

D x

Me said...

Hehe, thanks D...
I am indeed on twitter – my id is @deafgirly.
Good luck with your first car. Whatcha getting?

* said...

Good luck on getting a hearing dog. As a guide dog puppy raiser in the US, I know how much of a difference service dogs can make.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a Ford KA (at least i really hope its still unsold by the time i get there on thurs!)

I'm so excited! The freedom...!!!
No more hopping onto the 'red tin' every morning for work :-D

D x

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