Monday 19 September 2011

Deaf girl does Pilates

I love the sun! And luckily for me today there's a lot of it.

There's a good portion of blue sky, too - although not enough for Wise Friend

I wouldn't mind English winters if there were just cold - with blue skies and sunshine and then the odd day of rain to keep the reservoirs topped up.

But as I was explaining to the French Man yesterday as he looked out of my living room window at the rain as though we were under attack, English winters are dominated by grey days.

I actually apologised to him, as though the crap weather is actually my fault.

Anyway, I had a marvelous weekend that sped by all too quickly and involved lots of fun with London Aunt, GB Man and the Singing Swede.

On Saturday I went to Pilates.

I've always been put off my Pilates and yoga-type stuff due to my theory that I won't be able to follow what's going on... and I can confirm this is the case with my Saturday morning Pilates class.

The instructor walks around with her eyes closed, hair covering her face and mumbles like a woman possessed.

The first time I attended this class I got the giggles halfway through when she was encouraging us to wiggle our bottoms and thrust our hips forward.

She does not like people who giggle.

But for some reason, I really enjoy this class.

So long as I have a good mirror view and can decipher the breathe in breathe out instructions, I love the whole stretching, bending, rotating, breathing, bottom wiggling concept, and I think it really is helping to make me more flexible.

OK, so I can't throw my leg up in the air and touch my nose with it like she can, but I can touch my toes... and that's an accomplishment in my book.

And this year it seems, is the year for me to try new forms of exercise – spinning, surfing, Zumba and now Pilates…

What ever will be next I wonder?

Any suggestions?


Doose - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman said...

Try kick-boxing, fight klub (boxing class) and Aqua aerobics!


D xx

Wise Friend said...

A coincidence that I took up pilates last week, too!?

Me said...

Yay! do you like it?

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