Friday 2 September 2011

Deafinitely Girly's new bike accessory!

I am on the bus. There may be a spider on the bus with me after I walked through his web this morning.

Most mornings I remember to walk down my path with my arms outstretched, sweeping the route ahead for webs I cannot see and usually this works, although I do look a little strange.

Yesterday I managed to break the web enough to squeeze through. This morning however, I encountered it face first, which meant my neighbours didn't see me doing strange expressive arm movements like yesterday, they saw me slapping my face and running down the path as though my trousers were on fire.

And now I'm sat here itching at the very thought of a spider being here too.

Anyway, today is thankful Friday and I am thankful for the amazing dinner I had with NikNak last night. In our usual Belgian restaurant, we had a fab catch up and she also helped me see some resolutions to a few issues in my life right now. I came away feeling two stone lighter as a result, which is quite an achievement given the amount of beer we drank.

And then, at lunchtime today, still convinced the spider was on my presence and had quite possibly taken up residence in my bra, I became thankful for my fabulous Friend Souper Louper, because she had sent me a parcel.

Want to see it?

Ta daaaaaa…

It’s for my bike – you know, the one that I look about five years old on, especially when I wear my pink bike helmet with a bow on it.

This bike horn is going to look marvelous – and best of all, it’s loud enough for me to hear, and if that’s the case…

Look out people on the streets of London, Deafinitely Girly’s coming through!

1 comment:

jillian said...

I love this! My husband has been threatening to buy me a horn for my bike!

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