Tuesday 13 September 2011

Deaf girl injured

Amazing weekend!


And the amazing beings I spent it with? SuperCathyFragileMystic, The Photographer and Blackberry of course!

SCFM lives in a little cottage in the Wild West Erm... Country and I always love going there. It's what I imagine my house would be like if I didn't live in London.

And there's something about seeing a friend you've known practically all your life (25 years in fact) that means things just work.

On Sunday we went to a vintage fair on a blustery hill overlooking Bath. The Photographer was after medieval crockery, SCFM was after stuff, and I was after chairs – wooden, mismatched ones to replace the terrible crappy MDF ones I'd inherited with my flat.

I'd been saving 20p coins for a while for my chair fund and with £50 put away, I was hoping I'd find something. And I did. Three fabulous chairs, all different, all lovely and at a total of £35.

But then I remembered I have a TINY car and I also had a standard poodle and The Photographer to deliver back to London. But after some clever packing – otherwise known as stuffing it all in randomly and putting poor Blackberry in the passenger footwell – the chairs were able to journey back to the Big Smoke with me.

Anyway, today I’m struggling a little, as I cannot turn my neck very well. It’s very painful and I’m not sure why. Well, I know why it hurts – I was doing a bonkers impression of being in a plane during turbulence – but I just don’t understand how, when I do four gym classes a week, it was the crazy turbulence impression that has left me unable to move without resembling a Thunderbird puppet.

And the worst thing about this? I can’t hear very well, as turning my head to lipread takes extreme effort. This means that unless you’re stood right opposite me today, don’t fancy your chances of being heard.

So look out for me in London – I’m the Thunderbird-esque blonde girl saying ‘Ow’ with every movement…



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