Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Blaming my ditziness on my deafness

Recently I’ve noticed I’ve been doing more ditzy things than deaf things…

It’s been quite funny as it’s making me forget that it’s usually my deafness that gets me into cringeworthy situation.

Take last week, when I was trying to be ├╝ber-organised before work and take the kitchen rubbish down to our HUGE communal bins.

Late for work and in a hurry, I hurled the black sacks into an empty bin and


off pinged my spare flat keys, into the bottom of the bin!

I stood there forlornly, on tiptoes peeking into the bin – there at the bottom lay my flat keys, but as it’s nearly as tall as me, and I’m still recovering from stomach surgery, I didn’t think it was wise to clamber in and get them…

So now they’re on a landfill somewhere…

And I am out of pocket after having to get yet more keys cut!


Then, the other night I settled down to get my weekly fix of One Tree Hill – Yes, I know I have the TV viewing habits of a teenager – except it wasn’t subtitled. Shouting and swearing at how rubbish E4 was, I turned off the TV and went to sleep, and it was only the next morning when yet again, there were no subtitles on anything, that I remembered I’d turned off the subtitles on my TV the day before to look something up on teletext…


There are more ditzy things that have happened this week, too – but I am being so ditzy I can’t remember any of them. Heck, I am so ditzy that I took completely the wrong route to work this morning from London Aunt’s place, and a 40 minute commute took 90 minutes.

When I have ‘deaf’ moments I usually blame them on my ditziness, but now I’m having ditzy moments with more frequency, what do I blame them on?

My deafness?

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All part of your charm!

Anonymous said...

I agree