Monday 30 November 2009

noises in the new flat

Hurrah, I'm in my new flat!

Not so hurrah, is that at 6am, New Neighbour emailed me to tell me my heating makes too much noise.

So did my Blackberry when it vibrated and woke me up!

It's frustrating, because although I can hear it, I have no idea how loud it is for hearing peeps. To me, it's a quiet tap tapping sound, as though I accidentally shut an tiny man with a hammer in my radiator.

For New Neighbour, however, it's allegedly unbearable.

I must admit, this morning I felt kind of desperate as I looked from my beautifully laid, brand-new carpet to the results of my Google search and back again.

Common causes of this noise, are according to the results of me typing 'tapping radiators' pipes expanding and hitting the floor joists, or faulty TRV thingymajigs - 8am and I've already had a DIY lesson!!!! - and if it's the former, then the floor needs to be ripped up and the pipes need to be clad with felt!


This would be OK, if I had floor boards, because the offending pipes could be located easily, but I have weird, huge boards instead...

Am panicking, probably unnecessarily, I know, but all I can see is a day of either delegating or attempting to make phone calls to see if someone can rectify the tiny man trapped in my radiator with a small hammer, without me having to save ALL my money and give everyone pound shop gifts for Christmas.

On the bright side, at least New Neighbour likes it quiet, which makes a change from Old Neighbour, who was far more at home playing music until all hours and burning the place down.


I need a nice cup of tea and a sit down.


Kris_tofer said...

Hi DG,

It is excellent to here that you are now settled into your new flat.

It is interesting, for those of us outside London, we had the impression that you could have some one as a neighbour for years and never know them. But you've shattered that rumor, your neighbour has your email address and uses it at 6am...... wow

I would say that in a block of flats, sound can travel, it may not be your pipes at all.

I would be worth investigating a little more before paying anyone to do any work

hope your neighbours likes parties.... all new houses need a party to Christen them....

Woot!! Woot!!

Miss Brodie said...

Hi! Absolutely right about noise being transmitted from places that aren't where you think. My neighbours once appeared from the flat downstairs and accused me of moving heavy furniture around every night at two in the morning. Mind you, when they took a long hard look at my diminutive size they did start to stammer and look a teeny bit embarrassed. In the end the noise stopped and nobody ever knew what it was. Have you though of a Poltergeist?

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