Tuesday 10 November 2009

Deaf girl woken, deaf girl mad!

Last night, I got woken up no less than five times, by a noise!!!!!

This is not normal!

I am usually able to sleep through most things, including, rather embarrassingly, lectures, dinner parties, hen nights and evenings at Bungalow 8.

Anyway, being woken up really shocked me, so much so that my heart was beating like a big bass drum as I lay awake in the dark, listening for the noise again.

But each time, it proved to be a singular outburst, so I was unable to decipher just what it was.

I think, however, that it was my noisy neighbours, as their living room is below mine and they're prone to all night parties where the smell of martini wafts through my letterbox and at 3am they all spill out into the street to moon at taxis.

Last night wasn't one of them, but they were definitely not getting their beauty sleep at 3, 4 and 5am. Which, on reflection is a shame as they could definitely do with it.

It's not that I hate my neighbours, that's too strong a word, it's just that when they wake me up constantly during the night, it makes me want to get up and stamp up and down on their ceiling, turn the washing machine onto a high spin and leave the cold tap running so it emits a shrill screaming sound just to get revenge.

Now, revenge is not a pretty thing, so last night I did nothing. I lay in bed awake and waited for my heartbeat to subside while reassuring myself that the noise was outside not inside my flat.

Aren't I a nice person?

And tonight, what am I doing? Well, I'm leaving the tap running so it emits a high pitched scream all night, putting a load of washing in just before bed and hoping that I sonambulate throughout the night with big thudding steps.



Kelly said...

Love this post DG. Was woken at 645am a few mornings ago by some manchild outside my house in his chavmobile playing hardcore jungalist rave music at high volume.

My boyfriend quickly whipped his jeans and tshirt on, stormed out of the house and - what can only be described as - slapped on his window really hard before throwing the door open. Young lad jumped out of his skin as my boyf told him in no uncertain terms that this was a family neighbourhood with small children most likely sleeping (as mine was at the time) and his 'music' was at offensive levels (this is coming from someone who used to be in a heavy metal band!) and suggesting he would like to wait somewhere else. But in stronger language if you know what I mean!

He returned to our house to a round of applause from at least 3 neighbours thereby ingratiating himself further for when he moves in after Christmas.

People are so inconsiderate!!!

Me said...

Haha! That is brilliant – most impressed that your boyf told him to put a sock in it!
Have yet to approach my neighbours as who knows what the vat-loads of martini they seem to get through does to a person's temperament!

Sarah said...

Haha, glad you got your revenge in the end! Luckily, because my deafness is mainly in the high-frequencies, I can't hear the baby next door crying...otherwise I'd be up all night! I pop over and read your blog from time to time, it's always nice to find a fellow deaf blogger!

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