Friday 13 November 2009

Deaf girl woken again! argh!

Hurrah! Today is thankful Friday and I need to get a non-thankful off my chest first.

Starting with my neighbours, who can't see the problem with coming in at 2am and having a party in the room below my bedroom.

They woke a deaf girl for goodness sake!!!!

I couldn't quite believe it as I lay in bed listening to the thudding bass – the melody didn't reach me through the ceiling, so I felt like I was at some kind of 80s acid house party.

For 20 minutes this continued until eventually someone else complained.

Don't get me wrong, I did contemplate complaining, but me and conflict are not the best of friends, and I was so mad by that point I was worried that once I started ranting I might not stop. Plus, I have no idea what they're really like and it's not a great idea to start a war without first checking out your enemies.

That's not to say I didn't stomp around and slam doors this morning though. Revenge at a distance seems a more sensible option after all.

Anyway, today I am rather tired on account of the baking extravaganza that took place yesterday! But the result?

Beautiful wedding cupcakes! And breaking my usual blog protocol, here's a picture of them...

Tonight, with the company of French Cousin 2, I am making the top tier, and then all I have to do is get everything to the venue in one piece!


So, what I am thankful for on this rainy rainy Friday?

I am thankful to Niknak for taking a chance on my cupcake-baking skills and letting me loose with a piping nozzle. For staying so incredibly calm as clouds of icing sugar wafted through her house like mist on a winter's day, and for only paying me compliments, even when some of the cakes came out less than fabulous.

It's lovely when someone has complete faith in you. Well, it's lovely for me. This morning, as I peeked at the leftover cakes, I couldn't help grinning at the fact that I'd made them. I'd made the sugar paste flowers, learnt – via YouTube – to pipe the icing, and perfected my secret recipe of buttercream icing.

It's been an amazing experience, and the best part, the eating, is still yet to come…


NikNak said...

They are so totally perfect - all 150 of them! I am so touched at how much effort you have gone to to make our day so special with these cakes. I and really loved making them with you, which made it even more perfect.
Big Love Cup Cake Queen

Fab Friend said...

They look amaaaazing!!!! Can't wait to have one tomorrow!! BTW I already have a potential commission for another wedding-cupcake extravaganza for you!! And no, its not my wedding!!

Kelly said...

DG, these look fab - well done you! How clever are you!!!???

Unknown said...

My suggestion to you is to complain next time they have a loud party. Hearing people are amazed that deaf people can be woken up by such things. They may have it loud since they think "oh my deaf neighbor can't hear so I can play my music as loud as I want!" In your complaint I would suggest that you tell them to turn off the bass, since that is the culprit of having the walls vibrate with loud music.

Me said...

Good advice Charlotte, thanks. But they don't know I'm deaf. I'm moving soon so will be away from them, thank goodness – another reason why I'm reluctant to complain!
Fab Friend – glad you like the cakes... no eating them tonight pls!!!!
NIKNAK – hope you're feeling better miss
Kelly – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Your cupcakes are beautiful! Good job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cakes.

You clever thing!

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