Tuesday 3 June 2008

Fire, fire!

This morning I started work early as I had stuff to do so I bought my breakfast from a local health food store near my office. A creature of habit, when I shop there, I always have an Innocent Smoothie and a delicious wholemeal roll – and this morning I was starving and really looking forward to it.

So, there I was queuing and about to pay when all of a sudden the shop got a bit smoky and people started putting their fingers in their ears. I tuned in to see if I could hear anything and could feel the vibrations of something very loud.

Being of moderate intelligence I put two and two together and decided that the fire alarm must be going off! Smart huh!?
Now, I’d always imagined that in smoky atmospheres with an alarm blaring, people would leg it pretty quickly. But no, people continued to stack shelves, with one finger in one ear, queue for food and attempt to buy coffee. So, seeing as there were no flames licking at my ankles and the alarm wasn’t causing me any aural discomfort, I decided to stay and pay for my breakfast.

By the time I had paid, there was moderate panic and the manager was herding people out the door, the pavement had been cordoned off and I half expected my old pals in their fire engine to turn up, too. Needless to say, I looked both ways before crossing the street.

I was going to go there for lunch but can’t be sure that it’s still standing. Think I will brave the M&S crush instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed breakfast!
Perhaps lunch tomorrow?

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