Wednesday 18 June 2008

Pato sandwich please

It’s Fab Friend’s birthday today, she’s perpetually 21 you know. How clever is that.

Something else you should know about Fab Friend is that she is off on an adventure soon to Peru – all by herself – so she’s learning Spanish. Many people with lots of hearing are rubbish at learning languages but, as you already know, Fab Friend is like me, except she actually wears her hearing aids.

Anyway, in the pub the other night she was spouting all these Spanish words, and, as far as my sub-standard ears could tell, her pronunciation was fantastic. I was intrigued to know how she had done all this and she let me know her secret…

…the most bizarre CD-rom tutorial on earth. It uses image association with words, so when learning the words Gatto, which is a cat, it tells you to imagine a cat eating cake. And for Perro, which is dog, it tells you to imagine a pirouetting dog! I jest you not, and what’s more remarkable is it really does work. And I know this because Fab Friend told me a good few days ago and I remember it all!

She also taught me Pato, which is duck and you have to imagine you are patting a duck on the head. Now, I met Friend-Who-Knows-Big-Words for a drink yesterday, and she is fluent in Spanish. I was telling her all this and she warned me, while sniggering into her Jamaican beer can, that Pato is also slang for homosexual!

Must warn Fab Friend! Don’t want her in some dark Peruvian Bar, asking for a duck sandwich and being enveloped into a gay threesome by two guys hissing enthusiastically – this is apparently the South American version of wolf whistling – wearing little more than PVC thongs.

But back to those words, and perhaps the best one is how to remember the word for pretty, which is bonito… you have to visualize a bonny toe!


Ahem, sorry but it still makes me chuckle and I think I am going to call my toes that from now on.

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Anonymous said...

Aaah, thanks hon!!! Thanks for tip re pato - I now have a visual image of patting a gay duck with a thong!!!!!

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