Monday 23 June 2008

An ostrich went what?

I’ve still got that Friday feeling this morning, possible because I had a lovely relaxing weekend in the country with my Ma, Pa and French Aunt. It was great – there was champagne and great food and lots of relaxing and catching up.

French Aunt is fab but she lives quite far away – hopefully I will make the trip to see her soon…


Anyway, as you know, my Ma is also a bit aurally challenged and she’s also a Very Important Head Teacher. As well as being in charge of lots of little children and bigger people who are staff, she has a class to teach, too.

And, last week it was Grandparents day, where the children invite theirs in to see how brilliant they all are and to evoke lots of aaaaaahs and oooooohs as they showed off their reading skills.

For this occasion my Ma had taught her class a song with actions to sing to them. I’d never heard of it but apparently it’s called ‘Once An Austrian Went Yodelling’ and along the way he meets all sorts of things and people that get in his way.

Ma had taught this to her class with a CD and, as they all have great hearing, she didn’t print off the words. But for the concert she wanted the music teacher to play so they had a quick rehearsal.

So away they sang when suddenly the music teacher stopped and said…

‘What did you say this song was called?’

‘Once An Austrian Went Yodelling,’ my Ma replied.

‘I thought so,’ said the music teacher. ‘It’s just I wondered why your entire class was singing, “Once An Ostrich Went Yodelling”, that’s all.’

With that, my Ma fell about laughing doing the snorting sneezing thing that she does so well.

So a new song was born…

Once an Ostrich went yodelling
On a mountain so high
When he met with an avalanche
Interrupting his cry…

And, I guess to a 6 year old with an active imagination, this would be perfectly feasible.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing!

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