Monday 2 June 2008

It's electrifying

Well, I had an eventful weekend involving a hedge trimmer! I went round to my aunt’s house and we decided to tackle her garden. While she was sorting weeds, I got started on her front hedge with much enthusiasm, as I have never used a hedge trimmer before!

Call me a boy but I love tools – not that I am very good at using them. I inherited my uncle’s drill and on the few outings it’s had, it ended up making the wall look like Swiss cheese as it bounced around with gusto with me, yelping, and attached to the other end. Needless to say I am also very handy with filler!

So there I was trimming away, hitting my aunt’s newly-replaced but antique railings and trying to pretend I wasn’t, when she said something so I looked up to hear her and sliced straight into the trimmer cable.

My first thought was ‘Argh – how much does one of these things cost?’ as I saw the gaping hole in the wire. My aunt’s first thought, bless her, was, ‘Arrrgh, you could have died!’


It still didn’t really sink in as I dashed to get the electrical tape and hoped and prayed it would work again…


Luckily however, my mother has given me some practical genes and so I raided the toolbox, found a fuse and replaced the one in the plug. And thankfully, the trimmer came back to life. Although I was relegated to cutting the rest of the hedge with a small pair of secateurs. After I had finished I did have a quick contemplative think over a beer and thanked my lucky stars. Also made a mental note not to lip read while holding potential killing machines.

It’s not the first time my hearing has got me into risky situations, as you have read before. Perhaps the worst one was when I was about 5 and my mum said ‘no’ and I thought she said ‘go’ when we were trying to cross a busy road.

I wish I could say the car came off worse but it, unlike me, didn’t land on its head…

…which maybe explains a lot about me now!

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