Thursday 7 May 2009

Sorry I'm late

Today’s post is late…

Last night I went to bed late…

This morning I woke up late…

But what this did teach me is that I can shower, dress and leave the house in just 10 minutes. Previously I thought that only Shakira Shakira was capable of such an amazing feat, but I did it!


It’s weird being late as I never normally am. In fact, I am normally early – for everything – all the time. Just ask Miss K about my airport obsession in Barcelona and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

A fear of being late is apparently – according to Google – called allegrophobia.

I have this.

I think in order to cure it, I am going to try being late more often… just like this morning.


Anonymous said...

i taught well!;)


Kris_tofer said...

Hi DG,

I would like to draw you to the term "Oxymoron's" where the combination that springs out is "new routine"
sounds like "scheduled spontaneity"

early to bed tonight and with "controlled chaos" face tomorrow

take care


Benjamin. said...

I have that fear too! And of closed spaces in lifts made worse when hearing aids are buzzing loud :( lol

Me said...

Urgh, hate lifts too – would rather take the stairs even if there are loads! :-)

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