Thursday 11 June 2009

All change!

OK, I have news.

I’m going to say it quickly, like when you need to pull off a plaster and the build up is always worse than actually doing it.

Friend Who Knows Big Words and French Boy are moving.


There, I said it.

Now, they’re not moving to a different London postcode – that would be easy for me to say.

Nope! They’re moving over 6000 miles away to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam!

Now, first things first, congratulations to French Boy as this is a new job for him and a brilliant opportunity, too. Plus, I know that the sunshine and heat will make Friend Who Knows Big Words happy, as she really isn’t made for English weather. She’s the only person I know who can wear more layers than me.

But since she arrived on my doorstep over 4 years ago, fresh from her travels in Asia, I have loved every minute of having her in London. Even the vomiting-in-the-hood episode – which is a whole other story.

It was so unexpected you see. In our yearbook at school, we said she would be the one who lived in a far-flung country with a hot man. And I guess that has now come true. Which means that all that’s left to come true is me ending up in a padded cell.


I am so happy for them both, I really am. But I am sad for me. I am sad that I won’t be able to go around the corner for a feast of dead animals on their smoking BBQ. I am sad that the time difference will mean that I won’t be able to email Friend Who Knows Big Words quotes from Stewie in Family Guy and know that five miles up the road she too is sniggering behind her computer screen. I am also sad that meeting up for a quick bit to eat will involve a long-haul plane flight.

Since we met in the corridor of our school on the first day of 6th form, we’ve been through a whole lotta stuff and now I gotta go over 6000 miles to go through more! But then that’s the good thing isn’t it?

You see, by going on her own awfully big adventure, she’s paving the way for me to have one, too – by going to visit her! Hurrah!

Currently she is working on a plan to encourage me to move to Ho Chi Minh City too, and set up a ‘Hello Kitty’-themed cupcake shop – apparently that would go down a treat there – but I think for now, my place is here in London.

But even once they’re gone, there are email and text messages, and they can keep up to date with my antics through Deafinitely Girly.

It’ll all be fine, I know.

It’s the start of something new and exciting.

1 comment:

Friend-Who-Knows-Big-Words said...

Guarantee that we will both be back on your door-step in London at some point, demanding a place to stay and cups of tea! In the meantime your are more than welcome in HCMC for as long as you like x

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