Wednesday 10 June 2009

Tube strike issues? Not me!

Today chaos reigned in London as the tube people striked.

There were queues for buses snaking around the block, cars backed up in massive traffic jams and to top it all off, a good dosage of English rain!


But did I suffer?




*Deafinitely Girly grins from ear to ear

And why not? Because I got a lift with my very own knight in shining armour – on a bright yellow motorbike.

And so, while people stood exasperated unable to squeeze onto already-rammed buses, I got whizzed through the streets of London by Snowboarding Boy, hanging on tight, loving the low growl of the engine and only closing my eyes once – in the tunnel under Hyde Park Corner…

…it wasn’t scary as such, more just; OK that bit was a little scary!

It was quite amazing to rock up at work on time, no stress, no bother and with only a little bit of a helmet-hair situation to worry about. It made me wonder – should I get a motorbike? A pink one, with a matching pink helmet? I could be the Lady Penelope of the bike world.

Actually, on second thoughts, imagine, me on a motorbike – with less road sense than a drunken hedgehog. It could be quite catastrophic.

But then, it could also be very very fun.

I’m off to Google pink Vespas

But shhhhhhh…

Don’t tell Snowboarding Boy as he doesn’t think Vespas are real bikes.

Do they make real bikes in pink?!?!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm more than a little scared by this idea. Thank you to snowboarding boy for being the knight in shining armour, but you loose balance with loud noises and being in charge of large pink bike or even tiny pink vespa could be just a little dangerous!!!!!

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