Monday 15 June 2009

The lettuce and the supermarket

Wow, what a weekend!

Firstly, I’m ashamed to say that I got my first bout of sunstroke on Sunday! I was sick as um... a sick person, as I forgot to pack the hat that Snowboarding Boy bought me. And so, I sat in the sun for two hours during a picnic and felt the sense evaporate from my brain.

So Sunday night saw me, very poorly and feeling very sorry for myself.


Anyway, the rest of the weekend was marvellous! It was Penthouse Flatmate’s son’s Christening and First Uni Housemate and I went up to the Wild West um... Country for it. Her first baby is my goddaughter you know – I was chosen to teach her how to be fabulous apparently!

On the Saturday we caught up and marvelled at how much Goddaughter has grown. I bought her a dress, which she loved, and every five minutes she begged her mum to let her wear it NOW!

She’s talking lots now, too. Although I can’t really hear her yet. If I really concentrate I can decipher bits and bobs – the best one being when she told me she loved me.


Anyway, something most odd happens to me when I’m reunited with Penthouse Flatmate and First Uni Housemate – I start behaving like a kid.

Maybe it’s because they’re both settled and doing grown-up things with their lives, like weddings and babies. I dunno...

But I do know I do some odd things.

While shopping for the picnic stuff in Sainsbury’s, I let them take charge and followed them round getting restless. To keep me occupied, Penthouse Flatmate sent me off to find lettuce, which I did. I returned to find them further up the aisle than they had been previously so, for some completely unknown reason, I high bowled the lettuce at the trolley.

Except I’m not good at bowling lettuces and missed. I am however good at throwing things hard, so the lettuce took off at speed and thwacked a poor unsuspecting woman who was standing a good 10 metres from the trolley.


Penthouse Flatmate and First Uni Housemate stood stock-still, open-mouthed staring at me, and I swear I shrank to the size of a Borrower.


I thought Penthouse Flatmate was going to put me on the naughty step!

*mental note to self – there is a 20 in front of the 8!

Keen to redeem myself, I was up at the crack of dawn on Sunday making fairy cakes for the Christening. As I’m in training for the wedding I jumped at the chance. But it turns out that Penthouse Flatmate has slightly more fancy beaters than me, and they pinged the mixture all over her lovely kitchen.

Redemption = 0

Thankfully, I managed to locate my inner adult during the christening and at the picnic afterwards. And in typical adult fashion I forgot sun cream and shade and the fact I have an English rose complexion that burns quicker than a chip pan fire.

And so here I am today, tired, burnt and… um glittery.

Hmmm, it turns out the only aftersun I have is a sparkly one – I presume designed for application after beach frying and before clubbing... Or to cheer up sunburnt toddlers as it ‘looks so pretty!’

I got it free, I promise.

So, here I am, covered in glitter, at work, on a Monday.

Attempts at being an adult = 0!


BigBro said...

Would love to see the CCTV footage of your lettuce bowling!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in this resession that all retailers are looking for ways to suppliment their income and they are looking to sell their funniest clips to "You've been frame"

£250 for every coup shown

*smiles and looks forward to seeing DG taking out her fellow shoppers with a lettuce*

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