Friday 12 June 2009

BBC subtitles go awry!

Right, today is Thankful Friday and I'm afraid I am going to start with what I am not thankful for, and this is for the prepubescent schoolboys on my bus.

It's a rush hour bus, it's rammed and they are each taking up two seats each with their giant school bags and oafish figures.

They are so, so noisy, too! If I close my eyes I could be back on a school coach – I feel about 10 years old right now!

Next they'll probably start throwing things!

Ok, so now onto Thankful Friday! Well, I am thankful for the BBC subtitles as ever for being...

Ow! I just got smacked on the head by a tennis racket...

Damn these boys!

Um, where was I, ah yes, this morning the BBC subtitling service informed me that millions of Jews are murdered every year at the top of Snowdonia!

I was so shocked that I nearly choked on my tea, and I'm still not sure what good old Bill Turnbull actually said, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t that.

Ooh hurrah the boys are all getting of the bus, thumping every aisle passenger as they go with their HUGE bags! What have they got in there?

Recently I feel as though the deaf-related rants in this blog are getting fewer and far between. This is both good and bad. It's good because it means that, for some reason, I have been facing less obstacles regarding my hearing, but it's bad because soon I will have to rename this blog ‘Girly’.

Snowboarding Boy told me the other day that he often forgets I am deaf. This time last year when I was writing this blog I'd have replied, ‘I never forget I am deaf, not even for a minute.’

But just recently I have been. It's quite bizarre...

I wonder why this is?

I am still deaf and I am still girly.


Perhaps I should rename my blog Defiantly Girly instead…


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi DG,
I've noticed that in my blog too. I've been including more nondeaf related topics. IMHO I think it's good because it shows that you can have an interesting life even if you have hearing challenges.
P.S. I like your new blog header with the map but Deafinitely Girly is hard to read. Maybe try a more defiant shade of pink. *smile*

Mike said...

I was expecting a comment along the lines of "sent from my iphone" at the end. lol.

(New Reader)

Me said...

Hi Mike!
haha, am not yet an iPhone fan – instead I am a Pinkberry devotee.
if iPhone were to come out in pink however...

Claire said...

I had a giggle about the subtitling - I'm a subtitler on pre-recorded shows in the UK but am training to produce live subtitles at the moment (produced by voice recognition software), which is what this mistake will have come from. Very interesting for us to see how they are percieved by the people using them. (this is my personal view and comment, nothing to do with my employer).

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