Tuesday 15 June 2010

Good erm... vibrations!

Phew, Monday was manic...

So no blog from me!

I hate it when I don't get to blog on the bus in the morning, but yesterday morning, I spent the entire journey deleting 400 emails from my Hotmail account after my iPhone died, had to be restored and then failed to sync properly...


Anyway, this week, I am back to running properly again. I’ve regained the spring in my step – turns out the trick is to go to bed at 10.30 and also some new batteries in my vibrating alarm clock.

Recently, it just hasn’t been doing the wake-up thing as well as it used to. I mean, sure, it’s been shiggling me awake gently but not the full-on erm… earth-moving (no rude thoughts please) vibrations I normally get.

So this morning at 6am, it went off. I flew out of bed thinking the end of the world was coming, before remembering that I had in fact replaced the batteries of my alarm clock, and this meant I had time to go running. What’s more, the adrenaline from the alarm clock episode propelled me around my usual route faster as well.

So this weekend, I am catching up with Jenny M. I haven’t seen her for absolutely ages and so we’re planning lots of fun things, including a trip to the theatre to watch Calendar Girls. It’s not subtitled but I am going to watch the movie to refresh my memory and I am also going to wear my hearing aids and rent one of those audio things from the box office on my way in.

I’ve never found them helpful before, but there’s always a first time.

Now all I’ve got to do is find some hearing-aid batteries in my kitchen drawer that aren’t out of date, so my hearing aids actually work… I’ve also got to find my hearing aids.

Um… time for a trip to the audiology clinic I think!


MissBrodie said...

Maybe I should get a vibrating alarm clock... Sounds miraculous!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog....and will be back for more:)

hearing loss said...

Good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

kind regards to Jenny M.
Make sure you get a loop and put your aids on T... Makes a difference to what oy hear

Carlo M. said...

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