Tuesday 29 June 2010

Hearing aid jewellery?

Yesterday evening, after coming home from meeting Fab Friend and Flo for a post-climbing drink, I reached under the front seat of my car and my neck seized up on one side.

At the time it was like that urgent cramp you get in your calf sometimes, and I tried to stretch my neck the other way but it hurt... a lot.

And this morning it was no better – so much so that I've put off uploading my blog until now. I feel like a ragdoll whose neck has come unstitched on one side.

I can't look right, tilt my head right or look up without a seering pain, and I don't like it...


Not being able to move my head to the right is also going to make lipreading very difficult – my boss sits on my right.

Luckily however, I have s swivel chair so I can always swivel my whole body when she speaks to me.

Anyway, don't know how I missed this news story, but according to Flo, who read it in The Metro, you can now buy jewellery for your hearing aid moulds – or at least you will be able to soon.

A partially deaf audiologist Kate Cross has created, with the help of a jewellery designer the ‘Hearings’ collection – ornate pieces designed to look pretty and mask the fact you’re wearing a hearing aid.

Both Fab Friend and I were intrigued by this, so this morning I got Googling, but not much is on the internet about it, except the original Metro story here.

I’m not utterly convinced I’d want daisies on my hearing aid ear pieces, but then I’ve never been worried about the stigma of wearing them, what really bothers me about my hearing aids is that they don’t really help me.

Would a designer accessory on them make me want to wear them any more? Probably not, but it’s still a quirky innovative idea that I’m looking forward to finding more about.

Guess we’d all better watch this space!


NikNak said...

oooh but what if they came up with pink accessories??? might you be tempted?!
NikNak x

Miss Brodie said...

Now all they need to come up with is a hearing aid for the accessory that makes you hear!

Hearing Aids said...

I hope your neck feels better! Yeah, I often wonder if people really want to accessorize their hearing aids. It seems that all the new models are designed to make them smaller and less visible rather than to draw attention to them. But I like the idea of being proud of the hearing aids rather than hiding them.

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