Friday 18 June 2010

Just a dream… phew!

Before I go info Thankful Friday, I just have to get the hideous nightmare I had last night off my chest. It was so horrible that it actually woke me up as I sat bolt upright in bed with fear.

So there I was on my way to work and the traffic was terrible. I got out to walk the rest of the way, Ma was with me, when all of a sudden we noticed people watching the skyline. London was on fire. What's more, the sky resembled a Space Invaders video game, with rockets, spaceships and planes left right and centre crashing out of the sky.

In my dream, I got out my iPhone and hit Sky News, where it said that London was under attack. Ma and I were running for cover in the park as debris scattered all around us.

And then, as it was a dream, I was magically somehow at work, London was still on fire and Gym Buddy was the only other person in the office.

Suddenly ash started to fall in vast quantities and the room went black as it coated the office windows.

And that is where I woke up. Completely freaked out, praying it really was a dream and not some weird parallel universe.

So this means I have been awake since 6am, which isn't making me very thankful on this Thankful Friday. But what I am thankful about, is that last night really was just a dream, and this morning on my bus to work, London was as it should be – dirty, smelly, clogged up with traffic but utterly fabulous all the same!


Idunn said...

Fabulous London, how I miss thee!
I'll be around for a weekend in October tho, woohoooo! Can't wait! :D

Miss Brodie said...

Have a nice weekend anyway! xxxx

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