Friday 22 July 2011

Deaf girl cooks

Today I am thankful on this very Thankful Friday for the fact that I can now make a lemon risotto. And not only can I make lemon risotto, I also know how to make it properly. 'None of that throw-all-the-water-in-the-pan-and-leave-it-to-boil malarky' were the words of Top Man before the cooking lesson commenced.

Making a risotto, Top Man informed me as he crushed enough garlic to de-vampire a small country, is a bit like hosting a party.

You put some small snacks out (finely chopped onion and garlic) add the guests (rice) and a small splash of wine to get the party started. Meanwhile while they're mingling (stirring gently) you get the punch on the go (the lemon and chicken stock)

Gradually you ply them with more and more drinks (stock), encouraging them to mingle more (stirring) until you'll see some of them are bursting with confidence and others are shy (cooked and less cooked rice grains).

Eventually they will be hanging out together, fluffed up and confident (cooked), the party mood will slow down (don't stir too much) and then it's time for the cheese (music or edible). And, although my rice were partial to a bit of Rick Astley, Top Man recommends a generous handful of Parmesan instead.

Then, there's always going to be a couple of knobs (of butter) at a party, so it's important as a host to ensure they don't get out of control (stir in until melted) before finally kicking everyone out the door (onto a plate) to head to bed (DG's stomach).

And there you have it – a face-crampingly good risotto and a jolly good party.

Happy Risotto everybody

DG x

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