Monday 4 July 2011

To absent friends…

Urgh, I had the worst night's sleep and today I am exhausted.

It all began with a packet of fizzy lace sweets – never good for a quiet wind down on a Sunday night.

So after finally going to sleep, I bounced from dream to dream, waking after each one, and having to get up and check my flat before flopping back into my bed.

Dreaming about burglars is not fun.

Today is a very special day though. OK, so it's Independence Day for my American readers, but it's also a wedding anniversary.

This time 13 years ago, I was putting on my best frock excitedly awaiting the party of the year. This time 13 years ago, I played my flute during the signing of the register for two of my favourite people. This time 13 years ago, a very underage French Cousin 3 got sozzled on champagne and Big Bro plundered the cigar selection of the restaurant.

This time, 13 years ago, rather appropriately on Independence Day, I witnessed the confirmation of commitment at its best.

Thirteen years ago, none of us knew what was going to change in the years that were ahead. Lots of it good but a large part of it downright not good.

So today, I raise a glass, a cup of tea and a big fat cigar in toast to independence, true love without rose-tinted glasses, and absent friends.

DG x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here, here DG. A toast to two of the best, all be it for such a very short time. \\\\\\\\\\

big hug

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