Wednesday 27 July 2011

Having a deafness wobble

What do you do when you cant leave the past in the past?

When emotions you thought youd never feel come bubbling to the surface again and no matter how had you try you cannot ignore them?

This week, my past slapped me right across the face, hard! Except, that section of my past is so clueless, it didnt even know it had done it.

So what did I do?

Well, I called on Tigger and Souper Lou, two of my very best friends and asked them for some advice.

Souper Lou was amazing and offered to cheer me up by going to a festival with me – a whole other story. Tigger put the whole thing in an Excel spreadsheet for me to peruse and deal with at my leisure.

Two equally great mates helping me out.

I think, if I am honest, that I am having my six-monthly deafness wobble. It comes and goes in my life, and I havent had one now for a good year. But this week I am quite foot-stampingly cross about my deafness.

The main clue to this was that inbetween, Run away and learn to surf and Get a cat on the spreadsheet, was Make phone calls better, so that my friends call me more…’

Sad huh!

But you see, just recently, Ive just been wondering if by not making phone calls I am missing out on building the fundamental foundations that build friendships and this makes me a little sad.

So last night, I called Tigger – the fastest-talking tigger in the Wild West Erm Country and we spoke, for 41 whole minutes!

Granted there were moments where I didnt have a merry clue what he was saying, but with a few pardons from me, a few slowing downs from him, we actually had a chat.

The only problem was it was mainly about me, because in order to guess what Tigger might be saying at the other end of the phone and piece it together with the vowel sounds that I can hear, I had to control the subject matter.

So it seems talking on the phone is a great way for my friends to find out more about me but I might get better at this right? I might find a way to guess better about what the other person is saying?

I hope so, because as I hung up last night, I could feel the deafness fug clearing, I could feel the hope returning, and I could feel Deafinitely Girly getting back to her usual self.

And as for the past that slapped me around the face? Well thats where I shall leave it. Right there, in the past.


Deesse said...

I go through the same period...cant believe how similar our experiences are...
RE calling friends - what you said, its like u have been walking in my size 8 shoes! :-)

Thank you for this...


Me said...

Hurrah! I am not alone! Thanks as ever for your lovely comments. :-) Hope all's well

Anonymous said...

Andy has suggested an i pad then we could lip read the faces! Ah but all our friends would need one too! Lottery win perhaps!

X love you DG

ionayarrow said...

Hey honey, have you tried skype, then you can lip read, and there is a chat function so you can clarify anything that you don't understand. I use it for calling my folks in spain, and if they have friend over who are spanish, we use the chat to make up the short fall of speaking too fast! Loads of people have it now and it's free! Give it a try, you can always skype me if you want to have a trial!!

Big Love and hugs my dear! :)


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