Wednesday 13 July 2011

Today I'm blaming EVERYTHING on my deafness

Today I am having one of those days where I would quite like to just start again.

For a start, I had the strangest dreams last night – Prince William and Kate were my flatmates and Kates insistence to cook healthy meals led to her getting water all over my wooden kitchen surface and damaging it. This then meant I had to explain to her the whole fiasco of being ripped off by a shocking handyman, which is why my kitchen work surface is more pourous than a bath sponge, which then led to me waking up in a VERY bad mood having been reminded of the said crooked handyman, but not before I shouted at the future Queen of England for making a mess in my flat!

What is that all about?

Anyway, stumbling onto the tube, slightly late, slightly disheveled and very grumpy, it soon transpired that I had picked the train that the bulk of the rush hour also wanted – at every stop, more and more people crammed in, despite the tube drivers repeated advice that people should wait for the train that was just 1 minute behind my one.

And the amazing thing? I heard what the tube driver said – well, when I say heard, I mean I picked out one or two words and got the gist of it. How fabulous is that? I actually knew what was going on. Whats even better is that I didnt panic because I knew what was going on. My claustrophobia of being trapped in a small metal tube with a thousand other people was held at bay by a knowledge that it was just a busy morning.

And this means that if I could hear all the time, I would panic less. This makes me happy, because it means I can blame my claustrophobia and panicking on the London Underground directly on my deafness, not on the fact that I am mentally unhinged or just a wuss.

And that people is todays silver lining in what is otherwise shaping up to be rather a challenging day. Heck, if anything else goes wrong today, I may blame that on my deafness, too. Error at work? I'm deaf. Email the wrong person? I'm deaf. Being a total pain in the backside? I'm deaf. Blonde moment? I'm deaf.

In all honesty, I think after a lifetime of challenges from it, it owes me just for today at least.

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