Monday 29 June 2009

Hot, hot, hot

Today, I feel like I’m doing an impression of the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz – everytime I step outside I want to squawk, ‘I’m melting, I’m melting!’

It’s seriously hot in my little flat – think tropical humidity with no breeze – not least because I haven’t quite worked out how to get hot water without heating yet.

Poor Miss K, she was greeted on her first morning in her new flat by hot radiators and lukewarm water! Whoops!

Anyway, so yah, I now have a new housemate! Yesterday I drove oop norf to Kilburn and picked up Miss K.

I looked at my little car, I looked at the growing number of bags and boxes that kept appearing to go in it. But sure enough, after 40 minutes of traipsing, packing, pushing, pulling and ramming, we were ready to go.

It was a challenge just to pull out of the parking space though. I couldn’t see a thing out the back window, had a drying rack tickling my left ear and poor Miss K was wedged in the passenger seat with various bags propped on top of her.


But we made it back to my side of town, albeit in a car so heavy it had the stopping distance of a jugganaut, and with some hoping and praying while zooming around Hyde Park Corner.

And so, after all that drama, it seemed only fair we had some bubbles to celebrate, chill out in the sun, and marvel at the size of Miss K’s TV!

Anyway, today it’s back to work, back to sitting in an air conditioned block while real summer is occurring outside.

But I will console myself with the fact that after work’s out, I have almost five hours of daylight and sun to play in…

…can’t wait!


Knettergek the Pedant! said...

Oh, dear, here we go again:
'juggERnaut' not 'juggAnaut'!

Me said...

Thanks Knettergek! What would I do without my very own editor! Erm... can I blame it on Pinkberry not knowing how to spell it!!?!?!?!?!

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