Wednesday 4 November 2009

Deaf and missing out

Brrrrrr anyone else wake up FREEZING this morning?

There’s deafinitely no doubting that the colder weather is here…


But, on a plus side, at least it’s sunny and bright. In the twenty five layers that I am wearing, I almost feel warm enough to feel summery as I look at the sun streaming through the window.

If I could just get my hands warm, it would be so much better though.

This is hopefully my last week off before returning to work. I really hope it is as I miss my job.

I’m one of those people who actually got the job they wanted, the job they daydreamed about at university and hoped they’d one day have… I got mine. And every day, I try to remember to count my lucky stars.

So being away from it is hard. I miss the words.

Anyway, very excitingly, this week London Aunt was on TV, on the BBC no less. I was so looking forward to seeing it as I’ve never had a relative on TV before, except for Nottnum Uncle who often pops up in commercials, so I settled down on the sofa, with my duvet and a cup of tea to get watching.

And guess what? The subtitles were rubbish. So rubbish in fact that I actually had no idea what the piece London Aunt was in was about. The bit where she spoke directly to the interviewer was fine as I have been lipreading London Aunt my whole life so was able to do that OK. But the fluffy bits in between when the presenter was talking off screen and where there were holding shots of the river, houses and other such things, I really had no clue what was going on.



Now, I can handle rubbish subtitles most of the time. I can handle the utter drivel that seems to scroll across my screen during BBC Breakfast News, but this was important. I actually wanted to follow this programme. I wanted to know what was going on, and still there were no decent subtitles.

I know I should look at it from both angles, as I am sure that subtitling live TV programmes where no one’s sure what the presenters are going to say next is tricky. But this was a pre-recorded piece, so what is the excuse for this?

Can someone tell me please, because it’s doing my head in.


Anonymous said...

Dig out those reindeer gloves!

You'll soon be fighting fit and back at those words!

Anonymous said...

When that happens it is a pain. I've come across it often myself on other channels, not just BBC

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