Friday 6 November 2009

Meeting butchers in A&E

Wow! Today is Thankful Friday and hopefully the last one in my recovery period.

Yesterday, I was thankful that it was almost Friday and looking forward to getting back to my normal life and work. I went to see my doctor to check that everything was OK and all of a sudden I was back in A&E.


Never have I worked so hard to get myself out of that place. Something was on my side too, as the scanner they wanted to use was broken.

When I found out I had to go back into hospital I was in the worst mood. I stomped and moaned at Snowboarding Boy and Tigger via Pinkberry, and grumbled my whole way there.

Once there, I ended up sat next to two guys who were looking pretty annoyed, too. They were butchers and had been there four hours after one of them sliced his wrist open. They were both going a little crazy with the waiting but were definitely not as crazy as the lady sat on the other side of me. She kept gabbling on and was upset that a chest infection may prevent her from having surgery.

Together with the butchers, the crazy lady and I had a hilarious conversation about goose and haggis, that I didn’t follow that well as they were all Scottish and had accents.

While we shared the same stresses of being stuck in hospital, as we kept chatting it was as though we all relaxed and stopped feeling so annoyed.

And do you know what? Before long other people joined in with our conversation. A lady gave me a sweetie after a nurse made me drink something vile, and as each one of us got called in to be fixed, we all cheered them on with our best wishes.

It was like being in a surreal episode of Casualty, only without any of the angst or human tragedy angle they usually have going on, and try as I might, I couldn’t work out which doctor was dating which and if any of them were hiding the dark secrets that the BBC portray all NHS workers to have.

I never thought a visit to hospital, particularly one that involved taking blood off me could be enjoyable, but it really was. And now I know of a great butcher’s shop not far from my new flat, and I know that according to the crazy lady, they sell the cheapest goose in London. I also know that sometimes it’s fun to just go with the flow, accept that it’s OK not to be in control.

It’s weird that hospital was the place I got to try this out, but now I’m going to try it out in real life, too.

Bring it on…

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Anonymous said...

Go for it girly!!

Can't wait to try goose in new flat!

Hope all is well.

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