Tuesday 1 December 2009

New beginnings

Last night I saw Snowboarding Boy and The Girl That Can't Help Knit, and it was fab.

They helped me move my bike to its new home, or rather Snowboarding Boy carried it because I've lost the key to the padlocks...


TGTCHK brought me cupcakes from a little cake shop in Bloomsbury – we had to sample them before going to the pub and they were DEEEELICIOUS!

I’m going to stake out the shop to see what their secret to the raspberry icing is – it was light as a feather but in a non-synthetic way… most impressive.

We also checked out my local, which at a mere 5 minutes walk away, really is local, and it's fab!

Ace food, good drinks, and a basket of games such as Boggle and Connect Four to play.

Golly, anyone would think it was Thankful Friday today, I am that bouncy!

I'm gradually getting to know my new area and I like it a lot.

On the day I moved in, one of my neighbours introduced herself and invited me to a coffee morning.

If I didn't have a day job and did have the obligatory kids, I'd be there in a flash as she seemed really lovely – and about the same age as me – but light years ahead on the husband and babies stake it would seem.

It's definitely a family-orientated road. Every house has a big dog that you see being walked up and down the road every morning, and every house seems to be having a facelift, too. It's like being in Wisteria Lane, although none of my neighbours looks like Mike, and hopefully none of them are as crazy as erm... well most of the people in Desperate Housewives.

London Aunt came to see me the other day and said the area reminded her of Notting Hill before the 7/11 store became Monsoon and the little original caf├ęs became Starbucks. This made me very happy, because Notting Hill 10 years ago, is my favourite place and time in the world.

So really, my new home is not a bad place to be!


Alma said...

That's wonderful, I'm glad for you! I just started reading your blog regularly and really do enjoy your writing. It's uplifting. Thank you! :)

Me said...

Hi Alma,
Aw thank you for your lovely comment :-D it's nice to know that people enjoy my ramblings!!!

Anonymous said...

Your new home is fab, fab, fab. Enjoy!

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