Wednesday 10 March 2010

A wasabi deaf fire alarm!? YUM!

Right, important things first – it seems I was hasty to contact the London Fire Brigade to ask them to sort out an alarm that would shake me from my sleep.

I should, according to this week’s Stylist magazine, have contacted Japan.

It says, and I kid you not, that a Japanese company has created a smoke alarm for hearing impaired people, using wasabi paste!


Air Water Safety Services discovered that virtually every person with hearing difficulties woke up after the wasabi smell was released as its odour was so powerful!

Amazing stuff – but I think I’ll stick to my vibrating under-pillow pad thanks so I don’t wake up craving sushi in the event of a fire!

Anyway, enough about that and onto more about me, me, me!

At the moment, I am in week 2 of my Walk-to-run-in-10-weeks program, and it's going well.

I have proven to myself that I can run – something I've always doubted, and I'm already noticing the difference in my recovery time after each running section.

However, being unsure about whether I'm going to stick at this running business, I haven't really invested in any kit. I've got decent trainers as I don't want to get bunions, but beyond that, all I've got is a mash up of ancient sports gear.

On my first run I went out very unprepared and froze to death. On my second, my body was warm but my ears were cold, so ear muffs were added.

Classy huh?

On my third run, my hands were cold so I popped on some fluffy Peruvian gloves that Fab Friend gave me to complete the outfit. Then for good measure I added a Quicksilver fleece with flared sleeves as it really was bitterly cold, and the running outfit was complete.

But ah-ha! I haven't told you what the icing on the cake is yet!

My egg timer!

You see, the Walk-to-run plan involved walking and running, which requires a timer as there's no way I'm counting while trying to get a grip on putting one foot in front of the other at speed and remembering to breathe in and out at regular intervals instead of just randomly gasping for breath at sporadic intervals!

And, as I said earlier, I don't want to splash out on all the kit if I am not going to stick at this running malarky, so an egg timer is the only thing for it really!

So, if you see an ear-muff wearing, Peruvian-glove clad little michelin girl half walking, half running, around a park while clasping a bright orange egg timer, be sure to give me a wave, won't you!


Anonymous said...

i'll be on the look out!!!!!

Miss Brodie said...

Well now I know what to give you for your birthday!

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