Thursday, 4 February 2010

Amazing Amercian Idol subtitles!!!

One of the best things about having a recordable digital box thing is I get to record utter rubbish that I can then watch when I can't sleep.

Now, one of the utter rubbish things I've taken to recording recently is the American Idol audition shows...

It doesn’t require any thinking – just a little laughing, cringing and wondering why these people ever thought they had a chance.

And I'll tell you something else, the subtitles are absolutely brilliant because they describe how each of the contestants is singing. Yesterday I had, ‘With Focussed Power’, ‘Badly But Not As Bad As Last Year’, ‘Weak And Out Of Tune’, and my favourite of the episode... ‘Bellowing!’

To be fair, she really was bellowing – I had to adjust the sound on my TV as I was concerned people in Zone 3 would hear it and unsurprisingly, she got completely rejected by the judges.

But seriously, if the BBC had subtitles like this, my breakfast news viewing would be complete…

…or at least a lot more amusing.


Anonymous said...

wow good viewing!

Idunn said...

Haha, that sounds like awesome subtitles! Would like to see that in this country too... Anyway, I'm actually going to the UK in two weeks! Visiting my brother in Wales, hurray! =D Have a great weekend!