Tuesday 2 February 2010

Visiting Nelly Mac

Hurrah! I'm back after my long weekend off, and what a fabulous weekend it was!

Saturday saw a change of plans and presented the opportunity to feed my IKEA addiction, in preparation for my guests, and Saturday evening The Photographer and SuperCathyFragileMystic came over for dinner and we drank all the bubbles in my house...

…and as it's a new house and lots of lovely people have given me bubbles, there was rather a lot to get through.

SuperCathyFragileMystic has just bought a new place too – in fact she moved the very same weekend as me, although her new place is a gorgeous cottage in the Wild West erm... Country.

Speaking of the Wild West erm... Country – that was where I spent the remainder of my weekend with Nelly Mac and her family.

It was brilliant to see my Goddaughter again. She's nearly 4 years old, you know, and is deafinitely the most girly girl I have ever met.

Hurrah to that I say.

Her brother is the most boyish boy I've ever met, too. He likes breaking things, climbing things, and exploring. At nearly 2 years old, Nelly Mac's house is just one big source of adventure to him. Yesterday he tried to flood the kitchen and performed a super hero move from the bookcase!

Unfortunately though, everyone was sick. So the long weekend was cut short on Monday morning to allow Nelly Mac a kip on the sofa with antibiotics, and me time to get back to London and continue with my working on my flat – this home improvement thing is never ending.

And now, on this rainy Tuesday it's back to work, and today we have our office Christmas party.

Odd? Of course!

Fun? Most deafinitely!

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Anonymous said...

I had to read that last line again, just to be sure I was reading right. Odd as you say.

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