Wednesday 17 February 2010

I heard it on the phone from Vietnam!

Dear Marks & Spencer,
What has happened to your fashion ranges this season?

Now, if I was a fashion blogger, this is exactly how today’s post would begin after a lunch time of window shopping almost had me running screaming out of what I normally consider to be a provider of wardrobe staples!

Seriously, just the other day I was telling someone how many things in my wardrobe are from the Limited Collection range and that while I might not be the most fashionable person on the block, M&S suited me just fine when it came to shoes and nice frocks…

Today however, I was wishing I could take it all back. It’s vomtastically bad.

But enough about that as I am not a fashion blogger, I am just a blogger – with an occasional bit of beauty blogging for the fabulous peeps at…

Anyway, this morning while waiting for my bus, my phone rang – it was a VERY long number and the only person I thought it could be was Friend Who Knows Big Words, from Vietnam, so I answered!

It was her!


And she was calling to check that everything was still OK for her and French Boy to come and stay tomorrow on arrival back from HCMC.

Of course, I squealed before she finally said, ‘so we’ll see you tomorrow at number 41…’

‘Erm…’ I thought to myself, ‘did I hear that right?’

‘Number 49,’ I said. ‘I live at number 49’


‘But you told me you lived at number 41,’ said Friend Who Knows Big Words, with a panic in her voice that even little deaf old me could hear. ‘And so I had a box of winter clothes for French Boy sent there so he doesn’t freeze to death on arrival.’


‘Crap!’ I said, loudly, causing all the passengers on the bus I had since boarded, to stare at me.

So tonight, after dinner with the Photographer and the Fashionista, I am going to number 41, to show them my hair colour and ask them for French Boy’s clothes…

I can only hope they’ve got them there while they try to work out why a random parcel of clothes was delivered to their address…

If not, I may be taking French Boy on an emergency shopping trip – and it won’t be to Marks & Spencer!

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Anonymous said...

oops good luck. hope they don't already reside at nearest Oxfam!!!!

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