Saturday 6 February 2010

Blogging from my iPhone

Today's blog comes directly from my new iPhone, which has of course already been customized with a fabulous pink case!

As I type, I'm sat in a first class carriage, zooming back to London after an utterly brlliant weekend. I said "I do" and became Little Frenchie's godmother and had a nice time catching up with The Rents.

Anyway, the iPhone, what do I think? Well, on the surface I love it. It's pretty to look at, sleek, offers a host of utterly useless applications such as Paper Toss - addictive in some ways and annoying in others.

It also offers a wealth of utterly brilliant applications such as Scrabble, Facebook and perhaps the best one, Pocket Lyrics. When I saw this in the app store I couldn't quite believe it, after all these years of Googling song words, here's a program that works through the iPod and brings up the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

Amazing huh?

As a very hard of hearing person who doesn't hear lyrics at all, this is the best thing since sliced bread! No more mumbling along to songs, I'll have the words right there! This means I can also find out if songs are full of swear words or inappropriare content before declaring to my grandma for example, that she simply must listen to my new favourite song.

It's made me wonder what other brilliant applications there are out there on the iPhone for deaf peeps...

So let me know what your favourites are!

And, what of the iPhone cons? Well, as I suspected I miss having real buttons to press as it's much easier to hit the wrong key on here, but mostly what bothers me is the battery life. Just writing this had used up 5%, and you can literally watch it diminish before your very eyes, even with 3G turned off, wireless turned off, location features turned off, everything turned off.

Indeed to have any sort of decent battery life on this phone, it seems you have to turn everything off, or sit by a plug socket at all times. But if you do that, is there any point in having an iPhone? Wouldn't it be better just to get a smartphone, which has a working battery? A Blackberry perhaps?

Even though my lovely old Pinkberry didn't have a virtual bin I could toss paper into, a lyrics application and fast Internet, I trusted it to last the day, I trusted the keys to input the letters I wanted, and I trusted it to be a phone, push me
my emails and surf the web without the battery draining faster than, erm... water down a plug hole.

It shocks me to say this, and I suspect as Snowboarding Boy reads this he'll be thinking 'I told you so' – but i miss Pinkberry.

Will she ever lose her crown of Best Mobile Phone Ever?


NikNak said...

yes! now you can be my new Scrabulous partner :-)

NikNak x

Anonymous said...

bluetooth is a big culprit as well! mine lasts longer if I charge it through a socket and not through the computer. Hx

Sam said...

yes, I have to admit that I do need to charge my iphone nightly, sometimes every other night if I am careful and yes, that does bug me! But I still love my iphone!

Fookem said...

Turn off the wifi feature if you are not using it. The wifi drains up the battery real quick. It's probably the main reason why your iphone dies so quickly.

Use the auto brightness feature. The auto brightness feature will save the battery by dimming the light and brightening it when necessary.

Make sure your music is paused when you are not using your iphone. Do not let the music keep playing when you are not using it.


Like I bought the mophie Juice Pack Air (rechargeable external battery) for myself. The price is expensive but worth your money if you use your iphone all day without worrying about the battery life.

Me said...

Hello guys,
thank you all for your suggestions - I have turned off everything, which has helped and Fookem, I am going to look into the Juice Pack Air thing! :-) I am liking it more each day – so by next week, I will probably wondering why I made such a fuss!

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