Thursday 18 February 2010

Phone call success!


Today's the day that Friend Who Knows Big Words and French boy get back from HCMC, and I'm so excited.

This morning I went to number 41 and popped a sheepish letter through the door to say, have you got French Boy's parcel of clothes?

It's a very nice house, number 41 – I'm sure FWKBW and French boy would probably rather stay there for a few days than my place!

Anyway the weekend is almost here, which means it's London Aunt's birthday take two... at The Dorchester.

I'm determined to actually eat this meal and not spend the entire duration throwing up. Although I'm sure if you're going to throw up anywhere, then The Dorchester bathrooms would be a good place.

But enough about vomiting, I want to talk about... well actually I don't want to talk about anything except what a great thing it is the FWKBW and French boy are almost home! Should be a splendid evening all round, I think!

Number 41 called and left an unintelligible phone message for me – the parcel had been returned to the depot…


With a heavy heart I rang the depot – and got the clearest speaking lady in the whole world. She tolerated the fact I was deaf, didn’t have a tracking number, didn’t know who sent it, and didn’t know when it arrived and managed to locate the parcel – amazing!

And I’m very pleased with myself for being brave enough to try calling them, too!

Anyway, it’s being delivered tomorrow, so French Boy won’t have to freeze after all!



Anonymous said...

Super! Thank you lady at post office and well done you.

Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

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