Friday 12 February 2010

Attack of the Crohn's

Attack of the Crohn's!

Sounds like a 70's sci-fi movie, huh?

It isn't, unfortunately – but it has been the reason I've been a little bit quiet this week on

You see, after forgetting to edit my diet, and indulging in all the wrong things at a Pot Luck Day at work, I ended up losing 3 days of eating and 3 days of sleep, too.

I knew things were bad when I had to go and have a sleep in a cupboard at work. I lay down in a corner and slept for a full hour... on the floor!

Delightful life I'm leading.

What upset me the most is how many fun things I have missed out on this week – a late night at the National Portrait Gallery, a Superdrug VIP night, and London Aunt's birthday party.

I was actually at the latter, but wasn't really the life and soul... and watched three courses of delicious food pass under my nose without being able to eat a morsel!

So when it came to being Thankful this Friday, I was kinda stuck for ideas – I mean, should I be thankful that I keep missing fun social events, that I got 2 hours sleep on Wednesday night, or...

And then I stopped and thought about all the things that made my life bearable over the last few days and have decided to be thankful for them. They are:

London Aunt! whoop!
Blanco and Mrs Blanco
My new sofa and Orla Kiely blanket
Ma and Pa's fantastic advice
Crap TV recorded on my digibox
Texts from lovely friends

I am thankful for all of the above and more – without them, I would have gone stir crazy.

So, it really is a very thankful Friday after all.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon DG.

Big Hug]

Sorry you missed out on a lovely evening.

Miss Brodie said...

Well you may be under the weather but you've certainly kept your fantastic sense of humour!! I guess you have to get accustomed to living with Crohn and his capricious little ways. But maybe if you watch out for his whims for long enough he'll leave you alone... Keep your space reserved in the broom cupboard till you feel better!

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