Friday, 16 July 2010

No longer relying on the phone…

Today is Thankful Friday and I am mostly thankful for feeling so I inspired by the Superdrug competiton again. I've had a lot of fun completing this week’s challenge, and you can see the results by clicking copying this link into your browser! And if you like it, don't forget to click on 5 stars!

I am also thankful for the fabulously quiet weekend I've got ahead of me. After a week of madness, I need to do very little. The most I will be doing is freaking out about the bill for getting my car MOT’d and serviced...


However, I was very impressed that I was able to book the whole thing by email – a first for me. In the past, NikNak always rang up my mechanic to book my car in and spoke to him during the day about any issues with the MOT etc. It was amazing of her to do this for me, but I am very happy that this time around, because I have moved areas and have a new garage, I can do it independently.

It's slow progress but I am beginning to notice things I can now do for myself without relying on people to make calls for me. From booking theatre tickets and tables in restaurants to selling shares and sorting out health problems, gradually the provisions are in place to allow me to text or email. I feel so much more in control of my life.

In that area anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone…

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