Thursday 15 July 2010

Not watching The Silence

I despair of this weather! In spite of the fact I am wearing a fabulous new Bourjois bronzer sent to me by Superdrug as part of the Summer Blog competition I am once again taking part in, I DO NOT FEEL SUMMERY!

In fact, I have broken out the winter boots and tights, as I just could not face getting soggy feet on the way to work this morning. So, while I was skipping through the puddles with my toasty dry feet, people were sloshing behind me in flip flops…

Anyway, if you haven’t been aware of the media interest in the latest thriller on the BBC, The Silence, you obviously need to read more papers. This four-part drama surrounding the aftermath of a girl witnessing a murder, who also happens to have had a cochlear implant and is dealing with the issues surround that as well as being intimidated by crooked cops (did I miss anything out?) has been slated and rated by pretty much everyone since it began on Monday.

And, honestly, I am not about to join them, because yesterday I did a very weird thing. I deleted it, unwatched, from my digibox hard drive.

I KNOW!!!!!!

I have no idea why I did this…

It may have been to do with the fact that I caught about 15 minutes of it yesterday – where the dad is running up the lane and the main character, Amelia, has just run off to Bristol on a bus. I sat there watching and then it hit me why I wasn’t enjoying it – everything was so out of focus! I mean, the girl was in focus but the entire background was out of focus. Now there may be some clever visual link between this and the isolation that Amelia feels from the outside world, but it made me feel motion sick and a little bit blind.

Did anyone else find this?

I lasted 15 minutes and then, in a fit of impulsiveness, deleted the whole lot. So now I can’t even make an informed decision on whether or not I like it!


Never mind, I thought, I can always watch it on iPlayer…

…except I can’t as for some reason, it’s not subtitled!

The irony of this makes me feel almost as sick as the out of focus camera work.

And that is all!

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