Monday 19 July 2010

When email beats phone calls... kinda

So, on Friday, I decided that I was going to have a quiet and relaxing weekend.


However, while I didn’t have that. I did have an exceptionally fun weekend – that has left me in need of another to recover.

On Saturday, I successfully got my car MOT’d and serviced. I was nervous as I organised the whole thing by email and was convinced in the absence of a proper conversation something would go wrong.

And it kinda did in that the person I emailed neglected to tell me that the service centre had moved 2 miles up the road. But once the car was there and I realised I was in the middle of nowhere, on an industrial estate with no where to go, I settled down for the three-hour wait and thoroughly enjoyed the rare opportunity to plough through the latest book I am reading.

And it was all fine. Everything passed and for another year, I don’t have to worry. Even more importantly, next year I know that I can just do it all by email again! Hurray!

Saturday night saw me having a wonderful time at London Aunt’s with great wine, great food and great company and Sunday saw me having a great hangover!


But the show had to go on and it was Miss K’s birthday festivities – held early as she’s jetting off to New York this week on holiday.

It was brilliant to celebrate with her and when I think what she’s achieved in the last year, it makes me very proud to know her. She’s quite something!

And now I’m at Monday again – and guess what I’ve got to look forward to?

An fabulous evening of Body Combat with Gym Buddy and Web Whizz.

After finding out from Gym Buddy the other week that the whole class revolves around an imaginary fight – I had missed all this due to not being able to hear the instructor – I will allow my imagination to run riot and plan to throw myself into the class with gusto.

Just gotta find my muse now…

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Amy @ForDGRedial said...

Ok so this might be a dumb question (I'm good at those!) but can the instructor not communicate over the t-loop which would give you a better idea of what is going on? Although obviously you might just not like wearing the HAs while exercising...


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