Monday 26 July 2010

Forgetting my Crohn's

Wow, another weekend over. But this time around, I actually managed to have a quiet one.

On Saturday, I saw Friend Who Knows Big Words. We had lunch at her flat and after lunch I fell asleep for an hour – charming behaviour from a guest, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then yesterday, I spent the afternoon in Heathrow Terminal 5 with First Ever Friend and Swiss Boy 2. They had a wait between flights from Switzerland and Canada so we had some lunch and caught up and wondered if I could contort myself enough to fit in First Ever Friend’s hand luggage.

I’m not feeling brilliant at the moment though, as I think my Crohn’s might be back. All weekend I felt exhausted and not fabulous – hence the nap on Saturday afternoon – and all the usual symptoms are back. It’s so frustrating as I had almost recently forgot that I have this condition.

It was kind of like how I forget I am deaf. Except this one is a whole lot more inconvenient and worrying that being deaf.

And in a way, that’s good, as it puts my deafness in perspective.

I think frame of mind is important when dealing with Crohn’s so I’m going to continue to this positive thinking in the hope that I can chase these symptoms away…

Here’s hoping, eh?

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SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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