Monday 12 July 2010

my mishearing mishap

Hurrah! What a good weekend I had! I certainly didn't want it to end.

On Friday, I had an amazing picnic with NikNak in my local park – we gorged ourselves on every kind of picnic food imaginable and had a fabulous catch up.

Then, on Saturday, it was Gym Buddy's hen do!

We started out with a tasty tea at the Soho Hotel, went back to hers for Pimms and pizza and then headed back out to a bar called Circus.

There were about 10 people I had never met before, which was erm... all of them, and by the time we were in Circus Bar, the chance still hadn't arisen to tell any of them I couldn't hear...

While I seemed to be doing OK, I thought, during a quiet moment, I should check with Gym Buddy and let her know that if anyone commented on me being rude or doing something odd, she should let them know about my deafness.

She then started to laugh and said it had already happened!! Apparently, when we were all getting ready, one of her bridesmaids came to me and asked her to zip her up, which I did, before going back to my make-up. Except, she didn't ask me to zip her up, she asked me to unzip her...


This meant she had to go all the way downstairs to find someone else to do this for her, while wondering what the heck I had been playing at! Gym Buddy did tell her I couldn’t hear after that, but ironically, she didn’t hear her say this!

The poor girl must have thought I was mental – or just obtuse!

Once in Guanabara – a Brazilian club in Covent Garden, I also chickened out of talking to anyone full stop as the music was so loud, I could barely hear myself talk, let alone anyone else. But it was fabulous – especially the live drumming, as this was right in my frequency and I almost fell off the bench I was dancing on several times such was my enthusiasm!

And today? Well, I am one of those people the RNID tweet about regularly, who has damaged their hearing through loud music. Everything is muter than ever – the radio is a tinny hum and I’ve said pardon more times today than I’ve breathed!

Lesson learned – ear plugs will be at the ready next time.

Those, and some flat shoes – not sure what suffered more at the weekend, my feet or my ears!


Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick, but the title of this post is a double-negative. A mishearing mishap implies you made a mistake mishearing, as in you heard correctly.

Me said...

Thanks for your comment – however, I don't think it is a double negative. Mishap is a word in its own right so the mis is not a negative in this instance.

A double negative would be, 'I don't hear nothing'

Plus, here the purpose is a play on words and alliteration.

Thanks for the feedback though.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Ha, ha. That is so funny. One wonders why the girl didn't grab your arm to get your attention and gesture unzipping. Did she think you did it wrong on purpose?

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