Tuesday 6 July 2010

Not hearing my gym class

So, I’m in a slightly happier mood today – although quite unable to move after going to a Body Combat class with Gym Buddy!

It was great fun though as well as being incredibly hard work.

At the end of the class Gym Buddy was talking about how weird it was imagining she was beating someone up.

‘Why were you doing that?’ I asked.

Anyway, it turns out the instructor spent the entire class yelling things like , 'Bring their head to your knee!' and 'Smash them with your fist!' and each section of the class was an imaginary fight with someone!

I honestly had no clue that all that was going on. It took all the visual ability I have to follow the moves, and I just thought how each move was tackling problem areas. So during a knee lift and back kick, I was thinking, 'Tight butt, shapely thighs', while poor Gym Buddy was thinking, 'Kill, kill, kill!'

For once, I was actually quite happy not to hear it!

Our next class is Legs Bums and Tums so hopefully I won't need my hearing too much for that because and as far as I know it's not Legs Bums and Tums Combat so we won't be beating up imaginary people in the process!

Oh, and this doesn't mean the gym has given up on the whole doctor's note debacle either! At the moment I am getting around it by just going to classes and not having an induction! MADNESS!

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