Tuesday 10 February 2009

Happy Birthday Big Bro... and London Aunt

Ok, so yesterday was a no show on the blog front… but it wasn’t my fault! Honest! It was the fault of a broken-down train near Reading that slowed my arrival to London down and meant I didn’t have time before my afternoon at work started to write…

If I had have done, I would have waxed lyrical about the fab time I had with Onion Soup Mate, G, Big Top and Little Top. After travelling down first class – only the best for DG – I arrived rested and ready for a night in The Cider Bar. And what a night it was…

Cider it would seem is Deafinitely Girly’s truth drug – so if you want to know any secrets of mine, just ask Onion Soup Mate and G, they know them ALL!


Anyway, it really was the most splendid weekend – there was dinner out for Little Top’s birthday, trips to a strange shop called Trago that sold everything including the kitchen sink, and lots of tea, chats and delicious food.

I also made a startling discovery! Onion Soup Mate and G don’t have a TV but they do watch the BBC’s iPlayer quite a lot. On Sunday night they logged on, with me getting comfy with a book knowing I wouldn’t be able to hear it. But then, we discovered that the BBC have done what they promised and subtitled the iPlayer. I almost didn’t get to watch it as I passed out from the shock, but there they were clear as day on QI. It was marvellous and a great start in making things more accessible for deaf people.

Look at me, saying nice things about the BBC, whatever next?

But now, it’s back to reality – work and wotnot – but it’s OK really because today is a momentous date in the calendar. It’s Big Bro’s and London Aunt’s birthday! Big Bro is now


and London Aunt is perpetually 21.

As Big Bro is far away in Clogland I had to send him his present but tonight I am having dinner with London Aunt, which I can’t wait for…

I love birthdays! Roll on mine!

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