Monday 2 February 2009

Snow day and DG to the rescue


Gee whizz

by gum...

Deafinitely Girly is overwhelmed by the weather - it's slightly mental don't you think?

Today I have been completely unable to get to work, along with most of my office... everything in London has stopped working, at least where I live it has and so, I am in the cafe across the road from me with Pink Top updating my blog.

Last night, when the snow began, Jenny M and I could hardly believe our eyes. At 10pm we were watching a DVD when suddenly I was aware of a low humming from outside my flat. But nothing prepared me for what I saw when I looked out of the window...

There, as far as the eye could see, was buses, big, red double-decker buses - bumper to bumper - it was quite incredible! Being an inquisitive sort, I went downstairs to see what was going on and found 26 forlorn bus drivers quite unable to go anywhere as the road had frozen over and a sliding bus is a dangerous thing. Worse still we discovered was that they were not allowed to leave their buses either.

And so there seemed only one thing to do - Jenny M and I made tea for everyone. Scraping together all my mugs and teabags we distributed steaming cups along the queue of teeth-chattering drivers, having a natter with them as we did so. Some of them were so cold that they hugged their mugs rather than drink the contents, while others downed their tipple in one!

And, once we had dealt with all the bus drivers, we gave some to the police officers as well, who when we asked them for their order were in the middle of a massive snowball fight with a load of drunks from the pub opposite! It was most surreal.

There was, rather wonderfully, something of a party spirit on my road, everyone chatting, laughing, pulling together. A guy from the flat down the road donated a packet of fig rolls and some more tea, while other people rallied around with other provisions.

Eventually Bus Recovery Engineers turned up and we watched in fear and wonder as they manouvered these humungous machines through the snow and ice with the bus drivers learning. As each one left, they waved, they promised Jenny M and me free bus travel for ever more and chugged off into the night.

It was sad to see them go and we were also faced with a mountain of mugs to wash up.

This morning there are no buses, there's no tube either from my snowbound part of London... it's earily quiet, earily white - I kinda like it!

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Anonymous said...

good for you girly

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