Wednesday 18 February 2009

I'm nearly 1

Well, my weekend in the country only served to fuel Friend Who Knows Big Words' suspicions that I am ALWAYS on holiday as she called me last night on my way home.

It was nice to have a long weekend and see The Rents and Gma. There was still snow on the ground when I got home on Friday night and it was only yesterday that it gradually began to melt away leaving everything looking quite tired.

Bring on spring I say!

It's quite nice starting work on a Wednesday though. It's such a quick little countdown to the impending weekend – of which I have a few high hopes for...

Watch this space.

A look at the calendar tells me that Deafinitely Girly's page of words is now nearly 1 year old... can you believe it? I am sometimes shocked that I am able to rabbit on day after day and that some of it is actually readable. But then I think about how much I talk and it all makes sense.

However, I often wonder where all these thoughts and feelings about deafness, life, love and general rants would have gone if I hadn't set up Deafinitely Girly. Would I have ended up, fit to burst with unpublished information, muttering away to myself as I walked along, people crossing the road to ignore me?

Anyway, I am thinking of having a birthday party for Deafinitely Girly's page of words – there will be cake of course and most probably a pub excursion – any excuse for the rebirth of Hoegarden Thursdays – so I will keep you posted.

Ta-ta for now. c",)

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You keep us well entertained


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