Thursday 12 February 2009


Guess what?

This morning my bus broke again! The doors stuffed up and as a result the driver kept coming out of his cabin and kicking them...


Today, I am nursing a bit of a sore ankle after an evening of Wii Fit at Gym Buddy's house! You see, since the announcement of the closure of our gym, we've been looking at other forms of exercise and last night, it was the turn of the Wii!

Now, truth be told, I was quite terrible at most of it. My virtual hulahoop kept falling to the ground, my tennis regularly saw me whacking the ball clean off the court, and my tightrope walking saw my little blonde Mii plumet to her death screaming!


But, that is not why my ankle is sore. On arrival at Gym Buddy's house she explained that the reason why there was a Friends boxset in the middle of the hall floor was because there was a broken floorboard. I heard this information and an hour of Wii later, forgot it and, on my way to the kitchen put my foot through the floor and went flying, without my foot following.

Gym Buddy found me flailing wildly, one foot wedged between some pipe work, sock missing and dignity evaporated. It was not a pretty sight!

And so, I have skin missing on my foot and it's stinging. It's like the grazes you used to get as a kid when you were clumsy and never looked where you were going and were always in a hurry to do everything immediately.

I wonder when I will grow out of that phrase...

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